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Steyr AUG Operator (Carbine Course)

Steyr AUG Marksmanship Course

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About The Instructor

Brian Marshall

Brian Marshall is a 28-year veteran of local and federal law enforcement and has been a firearms instructor for two decades. Brian is currently a command staff Major at a municipal police department in Georgia. He teaches master instruction of advanced/progressive firearms training throughout the US for the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI) and has received the highest award of that organization (the Charlie Smith Award). He also is an Adjunct Instructor for Texas State University for the ALERRT program teaching active shooter response around the country. In 2019, He became the primary instructor for AUG carbine and armorer training at the Steyr Academy in Talladega, Alabama and now owns and operates the program. He holds armorer’s certifications for many firearm brands and models. He has published several articles on firearms training topics for law enforcement and has been featured multiple times on “The Firearm Blog TV” (TFBtv) with James Reeves discussing unique weapon systems.