Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully as they contain information pertaining to your rights and obligations when making purchases in the Steyr Arms, Inc. (herein referred to as “S A I”) online store.

All firearms purchased can only be shipped to an officially licensed, ATF approved, Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer (or commonly referred to FFL) in your current state of residence. Upon acceptance of your order, a member of our customer service department will attempt to contact you in order to obtain your preference of which FFL that you would like to handle the transaction. All firearms transactions are subject to any and all necessary FBI NICS background checks as well as any applicable State and/or Local laws or ordinances that might apply in your local area. All necessary compliance paperwork will be handled at your local FFL. Customers and their local FFL dealer are responsible for abiding by any and all applicable local ordinances that might apply. Steyr Arms will in no way tolerate any transactions of firearms that are intended for anyone other than the purchasing entity. Absolutely no “straw transactions” are allowed. If you have any questions or concerns about SAI’s purchase policy, please contact a member of our customer service department at 205-417-8644.

Use of the S A I online store is intended for customers requesting shipment to addresses within the United States only. Payment for purchases made in the S A I online store must be with a valid credit or debit card from a U S financial institution. All orders placed online will require immediate payment.

Your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions indicates that you are aware of the laws governing the purchase of firearms parts and accessories in the State in which you reside and agree to comply with rules and/or regulations as set forth by that State. Further, you agree to hold S A I harmless should we be unable to fulfill your order as a result of these regulations.

Receipt of an order confirmation does not indicate our final acceptance of your order. Your order is subject to stock availability and some quantities may be limited or not available for immediate shipment. Payment for your order is subject to the approval of the financial institution issuing the credit card. You will be notified of any significant delay in the processing of your order.

All product pictures and descriptions are represented as accurately as possible. In the event a typographical error occurs in the description or pricing, we have the right to cancel the order regardless of whether an order confirmation has been issued. In the event a typographical error occurs in the pricing of a product, any transaction charged to your credit card will be immediately refunded and the order will be canceled.

Please be advised that most parts and accessories are proprietary Steyr-Mannlicher branded items and we will not be able to fulfill the order within normal time parameters. In the event an item ordered is backordered, you have the right to cancel the order.

If you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at (205) 417-8644.