Classic II - Steyr Hunting Riflej with threaded barrel

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Steyr Classic II

The Steyr CL II is a classic traditional hunting rifle based on Steyr’s innovative (SBS) Safe Bolt System. This rifle is equipped with an elegant European walnut stock with a Bavarian style cheek piece.

The barrel is cold hammer forged and is well renowned for exceptional accuracy. The rifle features Steyr’s patented Mannox Finish which prevents wear and corrosion of the outer metal parts. The Mannox finish is completely impenetrable to damage from rain, moisture, sweat and blood.

Steyr’s SBS system features a unique 3-position roller tang safety located conveniently behind the bolt. The SBS bolt is equipped with four forward locking lugs that must be rotated 60 degrees in order to unlock the bolt, as well as multiple gas ports. A patented safety bushing offers enhanced protection against unexpected, excessive chamber pressure and any escaping gases. Steyr has tested the bushing with high pressure proof rounds at a level of 120,000 psi without any damage to the rifle.

The rifle also features an innovative 2-stage magazine which allows the user to safely close the bolt without chambering a round when the magazine is dropped to its lowest position without removing the magazine from the rifle.


CL II Halfstock Standard
Caliber 6.5 Creedmoor / .308 Win. / 7mm-08 Rem. / .270 Win. / .30-06 Spr. / 6.5x55SE
Magazine 4 Rounds
Barrel Length 22″
CL II Halfstock Magnum
Caliber 7mm Rem. Mag. / .300 Win. Mag.
Magazine 3 Rounds
Barrel Length 25″
CL II Mountain
Caliber .243 Win. / .308 Win. / 7mm-08 Rem.
Magazine 4 Rounds
Barrel Length 20″
CL II Fullstock
Caliber .243 Win. / .308 Win. / 7mm-08 Rem. / .270 Win. / .30-06 Spr.  / 6.5x55SE
Magazine 4 Rounds
Barrel Length 20″